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TEEC are Technology & Service Providers specialising in the Digital Marketing arena.

Our clients have found that understanding how their business can work in a digital environment can save money and achieve business returns.

We can improve efficiency by introducing centralisation strategies for Web hosting, Application Hosting, Data Capture, Campaign Management and Digital Asset Management. We have a Technical focus; so we understand how IT works. But we also understand how Business works. How Brands work. How Agencies work. How Marketing works….and how great it can be when they all fuse together to achieve a common goal.

We answer your questions with solutions: How can we centralise our graphics files, documents and other such materials? Can we introduce a process driven workflow to improve efficiency and save the business money? Do we purchase a software solution and take internal responsibility or are we happy that a third party does that for us?

Our focus is on service, whether we are working with you, alongside your Marketing Department, IT Department or with your Creative Agencies. In many instances we are there to facilitate and ‘get the job done’ or to execute a campaign on your behalf…..and we always look to deliver the very best and timely solutions possible… at a budget that makes business sense.

To see more details of our software solutions and services press the Solutions tab.
Feel free to browse the site or contact us to discuss a scenario.


  • Multi Channel, Multi Step Campaign Management
  • MRM - Marketing Resource Management Solutions
  • MOM - Marketing Operations Management Solutions
  • DAM - Digital Asset Management Solutions
  • Database De-duplication & Augmentation Solutions
  • Database Integration and Analysis
  • E marketing with Email, Web and Mobile channels
  • Social Media interfacing and Media streaming
  • Database Integration and Analysis
  • Web build and integration
  • .NET systems development
  • Digital consultancy
  • Digital Creative
Our variable delivery covers
  • Software deployed as enterprise solutions at your offices
  • Hosted services where we manage your marketing infrastructure for you
  • An application service provider that lets you pay as you go for the services you need
  • A full range of implementation, training and ongoing support services Software